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cognia accreditation

Tell Your Board Member To NOT RENEW Our Schools Accreditation through Cognia

Statement from Superintendent Jeff Bearden

"The comprehensive review of our school district [by Cognia]  included . . . . a three-day visit by the review team. . . . the accreditation team recommended that we create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plan. It was logical to include the recommendations made by the accreditation team and align them with our new plan."

Why would our Superintendent think it was "logical" to fundamentally change our entire school system based on a three day visit from an outside organization especially after our schools excelled and scored 32 points higher than the national average? Read the DEI Plan

Look no further than the mission of the accreditation company Cognia. The CEO states in their company video that they are "committed to helping our institutions address the complex issues of systemic racism and inequities. We are launching a new protocol to help institutions demonstrate a firm commitment to equity. We are also introducing accreditation standards that emphasize the importance of removing the barriers of prejudice, bias, and discrimination. It is in our best interest, that we and the institutions we serve, are reflective of a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion."

It is clear that Cognia's recommendation for a DEI plan was not based on fact but on agenda.
Tell the superintendent and board of education "No"
To Cognia.
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What will your child be forced to celebrate in the name of DEI

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