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Sex books and LGBTQ in disguise

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Understand the terms

What is Social Emotional Learning in our schools?

Social Emotional Learning curriculum uses specific phrases and words to sound harmless for our children. However, SEL is used to mold your child's thoughts, values, and beliefs apart from your parental control.  









Who am I ?

What values are good or bad ?

What is my purpose?

Agenda driven mindsets rather than parent directed beliefs

How should I love those around me?


Whoever determines the answers to these questions, shapes how the child thinks and what the child believes...about himself and the world around him.... which ultimately determines who the child becomes


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"SEL can address issues such as privilege, power, race, social justice, and community, and help build a new system of schooling that serves all children."

Not convinced yet?

FORSYTH COUNTY uses CASEL curriculum for Social Emotional Learning. Here is information straight from their website:

" Inequities based on race, ethnicity, class, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other factors are deeply ingrained in the vast majority of systems and impact student and adult social, emotional, and academic learning. While SEL alone will not solve longstanding and deep-seated inequities in the education system, it can create the conditions needed for individuals and schools to examine and interrupt inequitable policies and practices, create more inclusive learning environments, and reveal and nurture the interests and assets of all individuals."



Why should I be concerned about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in my school?

DEI = Critical Race Theory Repackaged











When used by academic leaders, refers to the presence of non-white, non-able-bodied, non-heterosexual males/females in the school population. This separates the students into groups and classes for the purpose of special treatment that ultimately leads to discrimination and division.



While traditionally understood to mean fairness or equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, race etc., this word is now used by activists to mean equal outcome. FCS wants to remove "systemic" barriers and enable the full participation of students based on their personal beliefs and identities. Examples: Boys who identifying as girls will be allowed in girls bathrooms and on girls sports teams.



 Incorporating, accommodating, and elevating ever-growing members of favored/protected races, classes (LGBTQ+), or anyone labeled as “oppressed” within the student body. FCS will lead the students to celebrate diversity including sexual orientation and gender identity. Civil, religious, and/or personal rights of all other students are disregarded.


The language of DEI appears to be intentionally vague and confusing, making it hard to understand the true goals or how those goals will be measured. What are the actual definitions?

Can this really be happening in Forsyth County? YES

 FCSS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Impact Statement

To achieve quality learning and superior performance for all, Forsyth County Schools will create a culture of belonging where differences, abilities and beliefs are respected and celebrated.

Forsyth Logo DEI_edited.jpg

Beliefs such as gender choice will be respected and celebrated to fulfill equity. Transgender girls (boys) will be allowed in girls locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports teams.

This term is purposefully vague to encompass any and all beliefs, identities or behaviors of a student or teacher that are atypical of society.

Students and staff must go beyond respect but also celebrate any behaviors or beliefs even if they disagree with them.

The family and the home is the central place were children find a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. The goal of  DEI is to replace the sacred role of the family/parents and give it to the "system." DEI combined with SEL allows the system to raise your child rather than YOU.

DEI Revised with Teacher Training Nov 15 2020_edited.jpg

Forsyth teacher DEI training

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